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Business Litigation

Your chief scientist and top engineer just left to work for a well-funded startup rumored to be developing a product that will compete with yours. These two top talents did not sign a non-competition agreement with your company, but they both know key information about your product and marketing strategy. Feeling threatened?

Your company’s earnings have been in continuous decline for five years. After a few months on the job, the new CEO discovers that the old CEO had been siphoning millions of dollars from the company. The old CEO claims the funds were part of a deferred bonus arrangement approved ten years ago by directors who have long since departed, but the board minutes are ambiguous and the former directors who are still alive are friends or business associates of the old CEO. Is your company in trouble?

A sheriff appears at your office—unannounced—with a summons and complaint. Your insurance carrier is suing your company. The carrier no longer wants to defend your company in a product liability class action. The carrier claims that, when your former risk manager applied for the policy, she failed to disclose that the company knew about potential product liability claims. How will you respond?

These are examples of complicated business problems that can keep you up at night, but Nutter’s business litigators will concentrate on your problems, developing and executing strategies to resolve them so that you can focus on your business. Nutter’s business litigation practice encompasses the full spectrum of complex business problems, whether the client is a business or individual, based in the U.S. or abroad, and regardless of industry.

Business litigation is not simply a series of tactics to win a lawsuit. It is a process of understanding the client’s business, analyzing threats or injuries to that business, quantifying their impact, and finding the most efficient and effective pathway to overcome the threats, repair the injuries, and help secure the biggest achievable benefit.

When Nutter’s litigators are on your team, they bring to the table an abundance of experience, a farsighted strategic outlook, an acute sensitivity to costs and benefits, a passion for client service, and a dogged determination to win. They do this while always remembering that their success is measured by the client’s success.