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Venture Capital

Nutter's venture capital practice is an interdisciplinary practice, with business attorneys working together with tax, ERISA, intellectual property, and banking attorneys, to provide a comprehensive platform of legal services for venture capital firms. Our emphasis is on providing cost-efficient services along with creative and realistic solutions.

Our clients
Our clients' portfolios consist of companies of diverse, contemporary industries, located in and outside of the United States.

Our practice
Our attorneys provide valuable insights to our clients on legal issues that affect them and the companies in which they invest. We stay abreast of emerging trends in the industries of our clients' companies, as well as legal and regulatory matters that affect investment evaluations and market terms.

We know that no investment can be successful without an eventual liquidity opportunity. Our attorneys have extensive experience preparing and guiding companies through the initial public offering process and representing both sellers and acquirers in sophisticated sale transactions. That experience is brought to bear in analyzing, structuring, negotiating, and documenting every venture capital  investment that we handle.

We understand the culture of venture capital and recognize that our clients are highly selective when it comes to investing the capital of their limited partners, and they only back management teams they believe in. We know that along with adeptly evaluating, structuring, negotiating, and closing a transaction, it is equally important to maintain strong working relationships among our investor clients and the people they will work with and depend upon to make their investments successful.

Due diligence
Our clients are sophisticated investors with interests in cutting-edge technologies in many industries. They understand the importance of conducting a thorough review of a company's intellectual property, as well as its corporate and contractual documents before investing.

We provide an in-depth level of legal and technical expertise to help our clients evaluate the wisdom of a potential investment. Our attorneys hold graduate and doctorate degrees in many technical fields, including biochemistry, chemistry, chemical, electrical, mechanical, and polymer engineering, medical science, molecular pharmacology, and physics. We can provide our investor clients with valuable due diligence insights in the fields where they invest.

Our transactions
Our attorneys have represented investors in financing companies in a broad range of industries and fields, including:

  • Biotechnology and bioinformatics
  • Broadband communications applications
  • Instant messaging
  • Internet services
  • Medical device
  • Hardware, software and optical network systems and applications
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Software
  • Semiconductor
  • Wireless telecommunications and telecommunications equipment