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From its earliest days, Nutter has partnered with New England manufacturers to address their legal needs and business opportunities. We understand that manufacturing businesses need to invest their resources in producing, distributing and selling products, and need to keep their legal matters as controlled and predictable as possible. We work with our clients to anticipate their needs and make good decisions that create as much long-term benefit to their business as possible. From corporate formation to distribution and supply chain agreements, to labor and employment matters including executive compensation, to product liability, toxic tort and other litigation; to intellectual property, environmental issues and real estate, we can provide the combination of expertise that addresses the requirements of each particular company and management team.

We have experience in a large number of industries, with clients who manufacture both consumer and industrial products, including paper, computers, advanced materials, aerosol cans, plastics, filters, petroleum products, windows and doors, prescription drugs, and medical and surgical devices.

Nutter’s personal approach and close partner involvement has proven to work effectively with businesses of all types, including middle-market manufacturers for whom the firm performs in a general counsel role. Whatever the size or mission of our client’s company, we know that our job is to be a resource and an asset.

The firm’s experience with large multinational companies focuses in areas where the firm has exceptional depth of expertise, such as intellectual property, government enforcement defense and product liability. The firm is also called upon when companies and other counsel throughout the country and internationally require experienced local counsel with a top reputation and extensive resources.