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Intellectual Property

Why Nutter for Intellectual Property

Our clients choose us for our legal credentials but what they value most is Nutter’s passionate commitment to service and to enhancing the business of each client.

We know that intellectual property assets are often the cornerstone to a client’s success and even survival. We also know that our efforts to protect, enhance, leverage or capitalize on those assets can literally help clients to change the world, especially in life sciences and technology. It is a big reason that we do what we do.

Because of our passion for what we do and our commitment to providing value for the money invested in our services, we work to understand every client’s business and how our efforts as legal counselors and advocates can help that business.

We also deliver value by constantly refining our own processes and maximizing our efficiency, avoiding wasted steps and duplication of efforts. In addition, we staff our projects leanly, often using just one partner and one associate on a task. The partner to associate ratio at Nutter enables significant partner level attention on each project and superior associate training and satisfaction (our firm has ranked highly in those categories in national surveys). We also have low associate turnover, so you can be confident that there will not be a revolving door of lawyers assigned to your projects.

Our Team

Our attorneys and technical specialists are: 

  • Experts in the federal and state laws that protect intellectual property, such as the federal patent, trademark, and copyright statutes, and trade secret and unfair competition laws; 
  • Experienced in administrative procedures that are unique to intellectual property assets, including patent interferences and trademark oppositions; and 
  • Experienced in litigating patent, trademark, and copyright disputes, as well as unfair practices, employment and confidentiality agreements, including non-competition and non-disclosure covenants.

Nutter has also been: 

  • Ranked as a tier one firm nationally and a tier one firm in Boston by U.S. News & World Report for Patent Law; 
  • Ranked as a top-rated firm in The International Patent Law Survey; 
  • Named as a “Go To” patent counsel in IP Law & Business; and 
  • Named as a “Go To” patent counsel in Corporate Counsel magazine.

Who We Represent

We represent global corporations, mid-market and small companies, major universities and research institutions, inventors, investors and entrepreneurs in a wide variety of IP matters.

As a result of our IP work, we are educated about a great many industries in which our IP clients compete, including: 

  • Medical devices 
  • Biotech and pharmaceuticals; 
  • Computer hardware and software; 
  • E-commerce; 
  • Energy, both alternative and traditional; 
  • Financial services, including banking, investment banking and insurance; 
  • Manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing; 
  • Optics and laser technology; and 
  • Specialty chemicals.

What We Do

Nutter’s intellectual property team is equipped to handle all of your IP needs. Our clients call upon us to help them design and execute strategies for protection, enhancement or leveraging of their patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.

We help clients to unlock the value of their IP as well, creating revenue streams from licensing and sales. Clients also look to us for assistance in developing IP triage strategies, which can determine the IP assets that should be protected, renewed, or bolstered and the ones that should be licensed, sold or abandoned for optimal return on investment.

We also perform IP docketing and management services for clients, insuring that they do not miss important filing or renewal dates, and we monitor filings with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (the “PTO”) for legally objectionable actions by competitors.