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Administrative Staff

Our administrative staff of over 200 employees are major contributors to the success of our firm. As such, our recruitment and retention
strategy is to offer a generous benefit package, to pay a competitive wage and to foster a collegial work environment in order to hire and
keep the best employees.

We are proud that over half of our employees have more than five years of employment at Nutter. Over 40 employees have between
10 to 20 years of employment and 25 of our employees have 20 or more years at Nutter.

Our administrative positions are full-time, part-time and we support job shares when possible. We offer weekday, weekend and night positions.
Nutter’s location in the Seaport District is easily accessed by public transportation and parking is abundant. Our employees have the benefits of
an in-house cafeteria and gym, an on-site insurance agent and personal financial planner and building concierge services.
We encourage continued education with our tuition reimbursement benefit and participation in our 401(k) Plan and profit sharing plan.

Nutter’s commitment to its administrative staff is strong and ongoing.